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  • Guru Peyarchi Homam, Yagam & Pariharam

    • guru peyarchi homam Jupiter transit (Guru Peyarchi) falls on 4th of October 2018 in light of Vakya Panchang. Jupiter transit from Thula rasi to Vrichaga rasi. It is extremely favorable to play out the "Guru Preethi" homa upon the arrival of the transit of Jupiter, to beat every one of the obstacles and to have steady achievement throughout everyday life. When you begin another wander, it is must that we have to look for the endowments of our Guru and Lord Dhakshanamurthy.
    • guru peyarchi yagam Who is Jupiter? Jupiter is called as the "Guru" or "Bhrahaspathi". He is the guru of all "Devas and is called "Deva guru". Guru was destined to the holy person Angris, who is the child of Lord Brahma and Chiratha devi. Guru's better half is Gnana Devi. Kasan and Bharadwaja muni are his two children. "Alangudi" which is 15 KM from Kumbakonam in Tamil nadu, India is considered as the Navagraha stala (put) to venerate Lord Dhakshanamurthy.
    • guru peyarchi pooja at home He is known as the "Ruler of the Fortune/Wealth." Jupiter is the karaka for Marriage, Children and Fortune. If Jupiter is put in great position in a natal outline, at that point the local will win name, fame and the impact of imperative people in the general public. They will be engaged with parcel of magnanimous and religious exercises. Their life will be brimming with peace and satisfaction. They don't battle throughout everyday life and will do hardest occupation simplifiedly.
    • guru peyarchi pooja at home On the off chance that guru viewpoints 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th house, the local is said to have Guru bala. Propitious functions are relied upon to occur in the local's life amid the guru bala period.
    • guru peyarchi pooja at home On the off chance that Jupiter is feeble in a local's horoscope, they will confront all troubles in life. Monetary conditions will be unsteady. Obstacles are regularly found in their life. It is said that Jupiter is the main planet that can lessen the evil impacts of Manglik dosha. Strengthening of Jupiter will invalidate the "Kuja dosha".

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    • ganapathy homam for new house Book Iyer/Pandit Online for Guru Peyarchi Homam, Yagam & Pariharam. All the Pooja Samargi will be brought by Vadhyar. All the Vadhyar are all around experienced from Vedic Pathshala

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