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  • Astrology for Politics
  • Career astrology which is related with 10th house.Here you need to identify whether the native has such 10th house which enables him to serve people thus a nation because this what a Politician do, they serve people in general and are answerable to them.

    Saturn is the lawmaker and gives perseverance which is very essential to success as a Politician. Whereas strong ascendant and 11th house allows favor from masses and gives superior support from followers which is very crucial for attaining a powerful position in Politics.

    Astrology Predictions for Political Career

    • political success in astrology The most sweltering theme in political circles is about the possible. Outcome in TN gathering elections. Pollsters, punters are consistent in their view right now around, It is bad dream to anticipate the champ yet a Famous astrologer Dial 4 Iyer anticipated that DMK-LED GOVERNMENT WILL ASSUME POWER IN Tamil Nadu before May 15,2006. After General decisions in May 2006 his forecast worked out as expected and he has been highlighted in broadly perused magazines like India Today. Dial 4 Iyer is outstanding amongst other crystal gazer in India

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