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  • Mandhi Dosham Pariharam
    • online mandhi dosham pariharam Gulika which was otherwise called 'mandi' is the posterity of Saturn. It is an imperative pseudo planet as indicated by the faith in South India. Vedic crystal gazing perceives an arrangement of two non-radiant as shadowy planets. These are the most acclaimed planets known as Rahu and Ketu which are situated at the northern and southern hubs of the Moon. Two different planets which are alluded in the Vedic mysterious writing as Mandi and Gulika are the non-brilliant planets which have never been considered to have physical shape or frame in spite of the fact that Puranas have portrayed them. These are esteemed to have the overshadowing capacity in our Puranas and alluded as 'gulping' the illuminating presences. It is viewed as critical in Kundali/Prasna Kundali/choice of time muhurtha. Mandi is the evilest planet among pseudo planets particularly when it is related with Saturn. The ruler of the sign is involved by Mandi which ends up malefic. Mysterious works portray the impacts of Mandi in each house and additionally in conjunction with different planets

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