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  • India's top-ranked and most reliable online site for Hindu rituals is Dial4iyer. We offer the most reputed, highly skilled, and experienced pandits in India online or offline to perform any puja and homam. Based on your birth charts, "Dail4iyer" offers to provide you personalized puja or homam services. These services are carefully chosen by a group of iyers, pandits/priests and astrologers who work cooperatively to ensure the validity of the Pooja/Puja Services. They have a thorough knowledge of the Puranas, Vedas, and astrology.

    The services are not just for healing; they also help you become stronger mentally and physically, decrease stress in your relationships, eliminate adversaries who want you harm, remove barriers to higher education, and bring peace and wealth into your lives. We conduct practically all types of pooja and homam. In addition, we chant Vedic mantras for the planets in order to invoke their beneficence.

    In all the major cities in India, you can book our pooja or homam services online. Through our online Dial4iyer platform, devotees outside of India who reside in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and all tamil people around the world can also use our services. We offer puja and homam services in both online and offline.

    Our Online Pooja & Homam Services

    Online Puja & Homam FAQs

    All You Need to Know About Online Puja & Homam

    1How is online puja performed?

    When you book a puja through Dial4iyer, one of our pandits or iyers will get in touch with you to choose a Shubh muhurat for the puja or homam. They will ask you for information like your name, date of birth, etc. When the pandits/iyers have determined the shubh muhurat, we will let you know and begin the puja or homam by accepting sankalp in your name. You can watch videos of the puja or homam through online. Additionally, there will be a package delivered to your location containing the prasad.

    2 Do I need to be physically present for online puja?

    No, your personal presence is not necessary for online puja. Since the puja or homam is performed in your honor, it has a similar impact to what you might have experienced had you physically been there. It's just like how pandits typically perform puja for celebs who have followers.

    3What details do one need to perform puja?

    To do the puja or homam, you will require personal information such as your Full Name, Gotra, present city of residence, state of residence, nation, date of birth, statement of purpose, etc.

    4 Can I access the live streaming of the puja?

    You can watch the video of the puja or homam through online or if you just have a relative nearby who can do it.

    5 Is performing a Puja a better remedy than wearing Gemstone, Yantra, or Rudraksha?

    To be completely honest, each form of astrological remedy has its unique importance. A gemstone is probably a combination of several elements that creates this planet. Wearing a gemstone brings in the beneficial energies of these elements, which enhances your life. An internet pooja or homam will delight the Gods in the meanwhile. Simply said, an astrologer can inform you of the remedy that is most effective for you at a certain time.

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