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  • Gruhapravesam
  • Book Your Iyer for Griha Pravesham Pooja and perform housewarming for your new house. Griha Pravesham is the arrangement of poojas and homams that are improved the situation the new house or before moving into a house out of the blue. It is the way toward expelling any negative vitality possessing the house/place and encourages one to move to the new house with no hindrances and evacuates the drishti.
    The essential piece of the gruhapravesam ceremonies are the Gho Pooja, Ganapathy, Navagraha and Lakshmi homam alongside Vaastu homam. Once the Homams are finished the drain is let to bubble and flood the new vessel as a decent sign in the new house.
    Once the Griha Pravesh Puja customs are finished, a pumpkin (Poosani) is offered to dispose of Drishti from the family and the new house.

    When to Perform Gruhapravesam Pooja ?

    • iyer for griha pravesh in chennai It is performed on a promising Muhurth date according to the nakshatra of the Wife as essential and the spouse's as optional or any single proprietor of the house. It is generally done on the Shukla Paksha time of the moon and the hours are settled on a promising lagna.

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