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  • Saraswathi Homam
  • Saraswathi Devi is the accomplice of Lord Brahma, the universe maker, and is the divine force of learning and expressions. Just with the assistance of Saraswathi Devi's learning, Lord Brahma made the world and its creatures. Different names of Saraswathi Devi is otherwise called Kalaivani, and Vagdevi.
    Goddess Saraswati enhances their scholarly rank and remain with understudies to get great imprints and learning and to help their vocation life. This saraswathi homam is performed by the working experts like instructors, educators, analysts or profound individuals who are into the universe of Knowledge.

    When to Perform Saraswathi Homam ?

    • saraswathi homam benefits This Saraswathi Homam is performed within 3 months before any exams . Date is fixed according to one’s star the yoga and thithi of that special date for doing homam. Book your Iyer/Pandit online for Saraswathi Homam

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