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  • Sumangali Pooja
  • It is performed in the recognition of the elderly ladies who passed away when their husband was as yet alive. It is assumed that the precursors likewise take an interest in this pooja. It is generally performed by each one of the ladies in the family and the Sumangali Pooja is performed conjuring the favors of the left souls. The Sumangali women in the family calls the other Sumangali women adjacent or associates and fitting the sumangali unit and another saree to each and every sumangali invited. By then the Pooja for the genealogical women is performed

    When To Perform Sumangali Pooja?

    • iyer for sumangali pooja Date is usually fixed on an auspicious Muhurth which is compatible to the nakshatra of the one who is performing this Sumangali pooja. This Pooja is usually performed before starting any auspicious events in the family like Marriages, Seemantham etc. Book Your Iyer or Pandit Online here @

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